SSoG Coaches

Stockport School of Gymnastics has a large number of coaches to deliver the large number of classes that are offered. They are organised by the Club Manager, Mike Healy

Current coaches are as follows:

WA Level 4

Dave Griffiths

WA Level 3

Mike Healy, Beverly Perkins, Phil Richardson, Berenice Webb, Tracey Davenport

WA Level 2 (with Level 3 modules passed)

Mike Dooley, Nikki Havery, Jamie Robinson

WA Level 2

Shushana Brennan, Cathy Healy, Laura Stockton, Steve Crews, Alex Norris

WA Level 1

Sarah Johnson, Georgia Hewitt, Lucy Armstrong , Suzanne Wyld ,  Eleanor McGill, Sarah Dean, Leah Martin, Victoria Campbell, Avery Caines, Chloe Willowby

SSoG Assistant Coaches and Recreational Coaches

Isobelle Blissett, Gwen Bantoft, Anya Hooley, Rebecca Flynn, Ella Cleaver, Emilia Mastrolonardo, Rebecca Paolo, Amy Harrison, Hayley Blissett

Pre-School Level 2 Coaches

Beverley Perkins, Tracey Davenport, Berenice Webb

Pre-School Level 1 Coaches

Laura Stockton

Choreography Team

Kay Zaki,  Ella Cleaver