Squad Gymnastics

At Stockport School of Gymnastics, we have a competitive girls squad which has become increasingly successful over the past few years.

We train over 40 club gymnasts, ranging in age from our development 5 and 6 year olds, to our seniors who are up to 17 years of age, training from 3 hours per week to over 18 hours per week. All gymnasts are coached in groups dependent on ability, and are coached by our team who share their many years of experience. Our gymnasts train towards a number of 4 piece and 2 piece competitions across the North West of England, and work towards the British Gymnastics Club, National and Compulsory Grades programmes.

The end of 2013 saw the reforming of our floor and vault competition group who train for up to 6 hours on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday evening.

If you would like to enquire about the SSoG competitive squad then please contact our Head Coach, Mike Healy on the contact us page

Stockport School of Gymnastics – 4 Piece Squad gymnasts 2015