NW Teams

We’ve never won a teams competition before so we are over the moon with our Level 3 team, Amy Robinson and Ruby Hewitt, who are the Paul Reay team Challenge Champions for 2017. We also won a silver in the Level 5 teams; well done to Sophie Wigglesworth, Alycia Gill, Kate Wigglesworth and Elyce Pearson. Well done too to their coach, Jamie Robinson, who has prepared both teams to peak on the day.

It was pleasing to see a number of new skills across all teams being executed successfully.

Amy Robinson and Ruby Hewitt

Elyce Pearson, Kate Wigglesworth, Sophie Wigglesworth and Alycia Gill


SSoG Level 4 Team Anna Marsh, Charlotte Claever, Leah Kidd, Heather Davenport and Macy-Anne Douglas

Level 3 and 5 Teams

How happy were the Level 5 team to place?